Company Profile

CP&J City is located in well-known world’s pearl capital Shanxiahu town, Zhuji city, Zhejiang province. CP&J city is an important project in Zhejiang province. The general planned area is about 1.2 million square meters. The total investment exceeds RMB 3 billion. Upon the completion of construction, CP&J city will be world’s pearl centre for processing and manufacturing, logistic, brands exhibition and trade, capital flowing and business information issuing, and pearl culture exchanging and tourist’s shopping.

CP&J city in its entirety has been divided into five functional areas, including trading area for pearl raw materials, completed productions and processing facilities, international pearl exhibition area, international pearl processing area, international business supporting area, and international live supporting area. It takes good use of the feature of internationalized standard, modernized scale and perfect supporting facilities.      CP&J city mainly focuses on leading various pearl products such as freshwater pearls, South Sea pearls, and black pearls. It also provides product series such as golden, silver, diamond, gem and stone etc. It integrates pearls, jewellery, accessories further processing, research and development, design, mosaic, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, bonded logistics, warehousing and distribution, e-commerce, convention, exhibition and intermediary services. The phase one of CP&J city has planned area of about 410,000 square meters, among which phase one market has 2380 shops/booths opened for business. More than one thousand business runners in the market do business quite well. The market serves globally more than 50 countries and areas. It gained the awards of National Four-A Tourism Spot and Five-Star Market of Good Governance in Zhejiang province. CP&J city has committed to build an international centre for pearl and jewellery cultivation, processing and sale. It has well equipped facilities. According to the plan, it will have functional areas of processing centre, exhibition centre, star graded hotel, complex building and international apartment, and provide e-commercial platform for the world. More than 110 thousand Buyers from China and aboard will be in the data. It provides one-stop service including importation and exportation, international finance, professional insurance, international logistic.