The "Outstanding Achievements, Brave Forward" is 22 million yuan, and the "Double Eleven Achievements" of Zhuji Pearl Live Base has ignited the national jewelry industry belt!


The "Taobao Jewelry Zhuji Pearl Live Base" was jointly established by the Shanxiahu Town Government, Taobao Official, and East China International Jewelry City in November 2018. It is the seventh Taobao Live Base in the jewelry industry in China. Relying on Shanxiahu Town, which is known as the "Chinese Pearl Town", it enjoys unique geographical advantages. Since its establishment, the live streaming base has been committed to leveraging market and source venue advantages, integrating excellent industry resources, opening up new online retail channels, and enhancing the cultural value of the pearl industry to create a Chinese pearl town.



In the past Double Eleven, the transaction volume of Tmall platform in 2019 Double Eleven exceeded the 268.4 billion mark. In the single category of jewelry, Zhuji Pearl Live Base can also be said to have achieved remarkable results - this industrial base, rooted in the Pearl Capital of China, achieved 22 million live sales of jewelry on the day of the "Double Eleven"! Detonated the National Jewelry Industry Belt!




The Taobao Jewelry Zhuji Pearl Live Base is located in Shanxia Lake, Zhuji, Zhejiang. It is the famous pearl capital of China and the world's largest freshwater pearl distribution center, accounting for 73% of the global freshwater pearl total and over 85% of the national freshwater pearl total. According to statistics, Shanxiahu Town has over 1000 live streaming accounts, and the e-commerce live streaming transaction volume reached 30 billion yuan in 2018.




At the Zhuji Pearl Live Base, there are internet celebrities such as "Pearl Brother", "Pearl Uncle", "Jin Fuyuan Pearl Board Master", and "Pearl Sister Sisi" with hundreds of thousands of Taobao live streaming fans. The live streaming has sold over 10 million merchants and more than 5 households per month. As of October 2019, there were a total of 156 Taobao live streaming merchants settled in the live streaming base, with the highest monthly sales of nearly 200 million yuan. With the concept of "integrity and gratitude" and excellent market resources, Zhuji Pearl Live Base has attracted a group of young talents to come to Shanxia Lake for entrepreneurship and employment, contributing to the construction of Pearl Town.




At the 2019 Taobao Live Broadcast Annual Ceremony, outstanding merchants from Taobao Jewelry Zhuji Pearl Live Base won honors such as "2018 Best Merchant (Taobao Merchant)", "2018 Jewelry Base Excellent Merchant", and "2019 Live Broadcast Ceremony Excellence Award







Base Double Eleven Achievements




This year's "Double Eleven", Zhuji Pearl Live Base ignited the national jewelry industry belt with a sales performance of 22 million live broadcasts, confirming the excellent Zhuji characteristic pearl live broadcast mode and e-commerce live broadcast industry ecology. It will continue to attract jewelry e-commerce live broadcast enterprises from all over the country to settle in Pearl Town, playing a greater role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the traditional pearl industry!