Notice on Arrangement for Prevention and Control of Pneumonia Infected by novel coronavirus in Shanxiahu Town





[People's Government of Shanxiahu Town] All residents of Shanxiahu Town:

The next period of time will be a critical period for the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus infected pneumonia epidemic. To ensure the physical health and safety of you and your family, please do not pay New Year's greetings or gather during the epidemic prevention and control period; Not going out or visiting; No drinking or dining; Wear masks and maintain hygiene; Wash hands frequently and measure body temperature; Disinfect frequently and ventilate frequently.

Now we will emphasize the relevant work points again:

1. All small and medium-sized enterprise owners are not allowed to resume work before February 17th. The specific resumption time will be notified separately. And notify non local employees who are still in their hometown not to return to the foothills of the lake, stay in their hometown with peace of mind, and wait for unified orders.

2. To the landlords of all rental properties, until the first level response to the epidemic is lifted, all rental properties are not allowed to apply for new rental agreements. The landlord must notify the old tenants who are going back to their hometown for the Spring Festival, and cannot return to the rental place without receiving the notice.

3. To migrant workers who are still celebrating the Chinese New Year in their hometown, due to the severe situation of the epidemic, suspension of work and school is an effective means to reduce the risk of infection. Please also strictly implement the prevention and control requirements, stay in your hometown with peace of mind, and wait for the notice to resume work and school.




Novel coronavirus infection in Shanxiahu Town

Leading Group for Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work

February 3, 2020