【 Fitness 】 | A treasure trove that must be checked in this summer, burning my calories together


Baocheng Fitness

[Fitness check-in area]

Comfortable environment, high-end facilities, happy fitness

-Light luxury fitness multifunctional equipment area-

Too many dazzling instruments

Chest, shoulder, back, buttocks, legs, and other parts

Get comprehensive exercise

It's like a dream world for iron enthusiasts

The museum is divided into three areas: aerobic, single function, and combined strength

All fitness equipment is imported with original packaging

Excellent products in actual equipment

All kinds of sports can be obtained

A simple and luxurious environment, comfortable and enjoyable space

From aerobic exercise to weight muscle exercise

Easy to say goodbye to fat!

Hurry up and invite friends to supervise and accompany each other

Here, you can witness the other party gradually becoming better

-Large multifunctional body shape training room-

If you prefer a quiet exercise mode

Then choose a yoga class

Pilates, aerial yoga, dynamic cycling

There are also super rich courses available

Let you not repeat the sample for a week and feel fresh every day

Enjoy once on the day of joining the club

Physical exercise ability testing and health assessment

The annual summer vacation has arrived

Are you a homestay during summer vacation? Or pursuing a drama?

Or brush the Tiktok?

Shall we have something different this summer vacation?

Join Baocheng Fitness

Experience the Fitness Journey of Sweating and Decompression

Having a great workout, we have a fitness appointment