Party building activities of the Second Branch of East China International Jewelry City


Strengthening the construction of work style must closely adhere to the key of maintaining the flesh and blood connection between the Party and the people. Leaders and cadres should firmly oppose the ideology and phenomenon of privilege, maintain a pure heart towards the people, adhere to the shift of work focus downwards, immerse themselves in the masses, do a good job of mass work face to face, be considerate, and down-to-earth, and focus on solving prominent problems that are strongly reflected by the masses.

On July 15-16, 2023, in order to spread the voice of the Party, strengthen the relationship between the Party and the masses, and promote the work of the Party, the leadership team of Zhuji East China International Jewelry City went to Wang Village to participate in a two-day party building study group building.

Loyal to our mission, seeking truth and advancing, rooted in the people, we must not forget the path we have taken when moving forward.

In the scorching heat of 42 ° C outdoors, our leadership team, as a party member, remains full of spirit, fearless of the heat, firm in faith, responsible and practical, gathering consensus and accumulating strength.

No matter how far you go, no matter how glorious the future is, you cannot forget the past you have gone through, why you started, face the future, face challenges, and continue to move forward.

The party members visited General Su Yu and Political Commissar Liu Ying, who led the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army to establish a revolutionary base in Suichang, western Zhejiang.

On a journey of thousands of miles, the wind is strong, and we set off again at a critical moment.

Suichang Nanjianyan is an AAAA level tourist area, with its main peak at an altitude of 1626 meters and an area of 6 square kilometers. It has more than 30 scenic spots, integrating resources such as dangerous peaks, waterfalls, bamboo forests, wetlands, cloud sea terraces, mountain households, rare birds and beasts, and is known as the "Pure Land of Peach Blossoms Forgotten in the Red Dust".

To stand up as a Communist Party member and take on the responsibility, the more it is necessary for the majority of Party members to develop the broad shoulders of responsibility and the true ability to accomplish things. They should act as actors and not be idle talkers. They should strive to overcome difficulties and not be afraid of the wind and rain. They should grow their abilities through trial and error, be good at learning through learning, learning through practice, and develop true knowledge through practice. They should steadily move forward and climb the mountain again, Crossing one gap and then another, constantly creating new prospects in the process of overcoming difficulties and building new achievements.