【 Baocheng Catering 】 | Summer dishes are new, try new dishes


Who doesn't cherish the radiance of a cup of tea and a meal, eating is the best comfort.

——Going to the Kitchen

Serve the divine dish - Mapo tofu

The dishes are light yellow in color. Mapo tofu is soft, tender and shiny. It tastes spicy, hot, crisp, fragrant, tender, fresh and alive. The tofu surface is covered with a layer of reddish hot oil, which can keep the heat inside the tofu from losing quickly. Eating with rice is unique

Homely Delicious - Shredded Pork and Fried Eggs

The fragrance of eggs and meat blend together, arousing your appetite and leaving you with an endless aftertaste

Tender and refreshing - stir fried pork liver

Pig liver is rich in nutrients, can supplement iron and zinc, nourish the liver and brighten the eyes

Fragrant and flavorful - stir fried chicken

Chicken is neither wood nor hard, and the more you chew it, the more fragrant it becomes. It is smooth and has a strong sauce aroma

Homely Divine Dish - Braised Pork Intestine

Fragrant but not greasy, fresh and thick, with a mellow texture

Fragrance overflowing - mother Braised pork belly

Like a furnace, it is filled with the most tempting delicacies, with a bright red color and a perfect aroma that deeply attracts your taste buds

Sour, refreshing, and juicy - Pickled Pepper Bullfrog

Stir fried with pickled peppers, sour, crispy, and juicy, with a strong and spicy taste

Aroma overflowing - stir fried yellow beef

Original flavor, fresh and juicy, crispy and delicious, with a strong meat aroma

Tasty and delicious - stir fried screws

Rich and delicate, with a delicious taste, known as the "pearl on the plate"

Rich nutrition - milk flavored corn grill

The plump grains of corn, combined with a rich milky aroma, are irresistible


Spicy and sour chicken offal

The meat is tender but slightly chewy, spicy but not dry. It leaves a lingering fragrance on the palate, and the strong aroma makes people salivate

Tender and refreshing - Fried Pork with Chili Peppers

It makes people drool, and when they take a sip, the spicy and meaty flavors intertwine, making them irresistible

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